Surepoint Group

Master Chef

Season One

The Food That Kept Us Together

This cookbook is a window into a specific time and place for the Surepoint team and its families. 

Amid the change of 2020 brought on by COVID-19, something unexpected happened around our kitchen tables. What started as a simple need to satisfy cravings for comfort food quickly grew into a team initiative that brought back family time, had coworkers exchanging ideas, and resulted in zoom cooking sessions that went on long after the dishes were done.  

With that in mind, our Surepoint Master Chefs and Special Guest Chefs have compiled these recipes so you can create some magic in your kitchen. Some recipes are treasured family keepsakes, and some are online favorites. However, they all reflect the love for good food and cooking from our table to yours. 

We don’t want to keep the goodness of this treasure to ourselves, though. 

So we have partnered with Santa YEG, Original Joe’s, and Unleashed Results to extend the magic of cooking, food, and community all year round. In that spirit, we are donating 100% of the cookbook sales to Santa YEG’s holiday initiatives.

Santa YEG is all about igniting the spirit of Christmas by extending compassion and meals to Edmonton’s less fortunate. Surepoint volunteers will gather to prepare meals over the holidays and deliver them to shelters for those experiencing homelessness, poverty, mental health challenges, and addiction.

We hope you enjoy this book for your own holiday cooking or share it as a gift for the aspiring chefs in your life. 

From our hearts and kitchens to yours. 

Bon appetit.

Surepoint Master Chef Cookbook

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